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Deadlines for the 2019 Spring Fair

On-line Registration: Thursday February 28, 2019
This includes: student info, project info – titles, etc.
No projects will be accepted after the deadline.

Deadline for receipt of Registration Package: Thursday March 14, 2019.

Check the schedule below and the report format on the rules & project guidelines page.
The registration package has been updated on 8 January 2019 but there may be further updates.

This information returned for registration MUST include:
• parents’ signatures
• option selected for ‘permission to leave the premises’
(from both sets of parents for a dual project)
• the sponsor teacher’s signature
• declaration form
All of the above are in the registration package

• TWO copies of the summary report. Also provide an electronic PDF copy.
• $25 registration fee
Make cheques out to the Vancouver Island Regional Science Fair


No project will be allowed in the fair if your registrations, information package and fees are not complete by the stated deadlines.


**Send your completed registration package to the address given on the “Contact Us” page (and in the Information Package).

**Note that student registration for the Science Fair will be ONLINE. Students will not receive confirmation following registration – just come to the fair! Only students that are denied entry will be notified.