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Planning Your Project

Successful participation in the Vancouver Island Regional Science Fair requires a certain amount of planning and organization by the student. The following suggestions will help guide you:

  • Choosing a Project
    There are many sources for interesting Science Fair projects. You will find some ideas on the USEFUL LINKS page
  • Organizing Your Project
    A detailed checklist for organizing your project can be found in SCIENCE FAIR PROJECT PLAN.
    This will take you though a step-by-step checklist of what you need to do to create a good project.
  • Safety and Ethics
    Projects that involve animal or human testing need to be approved to insure that all the safety and ethics conditions are satisfied.
    The regulations and other information can be found at
    – Youth Science Canada page: Science Fair Safety & Ethics Guidelines
    – Our SAFETY & ETHICS page

Go to the Useful Links/Ethics page for the following forms:
(1) Consent Form for human participants – Options: (1) Editable form; (2) Blank printable form; (3) Filled-in example
(2) Request for Ethics Ruling form