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Are you wondering how to begin a project?

You should start by talking to your science teacher. You can get an idea of what past participants have done from the project titles on the awards page, and the links, below will direct you to lots of excellent websites that provide guidance.

REMEMBER to refer to this website for the Rules and Regulations and the Safety and Ethics regarding the Vancouver Island Regional Science Fair!

Science Fair Help for Elementary Students

You want to do a Science Fair project. How do you start? What do you do?

Here is a great starting point! Download:  An Introduction To The Scientific Method
by Cheryl Nigh.

Cheryl Nigh is a dedicated educator who has taught in the school district for many years. She prepared these worksheets for a presentation to parents of elementary school parents, and to distribute to teachers.

Developing a Science Fair Project

Read this description of how to design a Science Fair Project

The Need to Knead – By Wendy Topic

A successful experiment starts with a question or observation about the world around you. Once you have a question, you can design an experiment that will allow you to find an answer.

Deciding on the variables that you will test and control is the key to a successful design.

Join Milo as he designs an experiment to test “The Need to Knead”.

The Need to Knead – Part 1  link – or PDF Version

The Need to Knead – Part 2  link – or PDF Version

The Need to Knead – Report  link – or PDF Version

The Need to Knead – Poster  link – or PDF Poster

Wendy Topic is a teacher at Glenlyon Norfolk School and a member of the Society for the Advancement of Young Scientists.