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The marking sheets to be used by judges for the official evaluation are included below.

For the ELEMENTARY category the marking guide allows for EXPERIMENTAL and NON_EXPERIMENTAL. The NON-EXPERIMENTAL projects would include studies (interpretation or presentation of other peoples’ work) and innovation.

For the INTERMEDIATE and SENIOR categories the projects are classified as EXPERIMENT, STUDY or INNOVATION. The students will have decided on the classification when they registered.

Marking Forms

A more general form is available for Specialty Judges.

General Instructions for Judges

The following PDF link provides some general instructions for judges when they arrive on Sunday morning

Lists of Projects for 2021 (May be available on the SFFBC pages)

Specialty judges may find the lists below useful to select the projects to evaluate. Note that these PDF files can be long and the printsize is relatively small – best viewed on a computer screen. Some projects do not have a “Project Description”.
Category: Elementary, Intermediate, Junior, Senior
Division: Life Sciences, Health Sciences, Engineeering, etc.

Links for 2021: Check SFFBC Pages – VIRSF will not update the links below in 2021