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Judges & Volunteers

Judge & Volunteer Registration for the 2023 Spring Fair

We anticipate that there will be approximately 150 student participants for the Vancouver Island Regional Science Fair. To evaluate projects and help to run the Science Fair a large number of judges and assistants are needed.

If you have an interest in science and wish to help foster an appreciation of science in students from Grades 4 through 12 register below to help.

The schedule for the Science Fair can be found further down this page. Judges are needed on Sunday morning, April 16 and would be expected to evaluate about 5-6 projects as part a team. Some judges may be required in the afternoon as well. It is an enjoyable and rewarding experience.

Judge & Volunteer Registration: Link will be provided soon .

Volunteers for judging Specialty Awards on Sunday afternoon do not need to register, but names should be communicated to the organizing committee.

If in doubt about the registration procedure see Judge & Volunteer Registration Explained (Link will be inserted soon)

Fair Schedule and Location – (Get a PDF copy of the Science Fair Schedule 2023)

The Fair will be run in the Michèl Pujols Room of Student Union Building at the University of Victoria.
You can download a Campus Map. The Student Union Building is located at grid D3. The nearest public parking is in Lot #1 – grid D4. The MacLaurin Building is in grid B4. The Bob Wright Centre (Earth and Ocean Sciences) is in grid C4 close to the Elliott Building.

Science Fair Schedule

Parents and Teachers

  • Only entrants and judges are permitted in the building during the first round of judging on Sunday from 10:00 – 12:00 . In order to ensure that the participants are judged fairly, everyone else must leave the building. The public is welcome during the 2nd round of judging but must not interfere with judging that may take place from 1:00 – 3:00 pm.


  • Students will be required to supply their own lunches each day they are on site. Vending machines are also available within the building for snacks.


  • During the judging and at times during public viewing there may be periods when you will be waiting. It is a good idea to bring a book to read or something to work on during this time.